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“You shall hear“ – Behind the scenes

by | 7. Mar 2022

Approach each other more! Look away less! Our television film and heartfelt project “You shall hear” was filmed last June and is primarily intended to promote togetherness between deaf and hearing people in our society as well as to contribute to a constructive debate about inclusion. The film shows: What is life like for people who can hear poorly or not at all? And addresses the question of who decides which way of life is more worth living.

The openness and warmth with which all participants were welcomed by the deaf culture not only made this production a special and unique experience, but we were also able to learn a lot from each other!

With our “Behind the scenes” pictures we would like to give you a small insight into the shooting of this formative project.

Inspired by a true incident, the film tells the following story: click to go to the synopsis

Production by FFP New Media

Editor: Petra Tilger

Executive Producers: Simone Höller, Michael Smeaton

Producers: Anemone Krüzner, Greta Gilles

Director: Petra K. Wagner

Written by: Katrin Buehlig

Camera: Peter Polsak

Cast: Claudia Michelsen, Kai Wiesinger, Anne Zander, Benjamin Piwko, Jan Krauter, Sina Martens Laura Lipschi, Luca Zamperoni, Patricia Meeden, Eva Verena Müller, Kathrin-Maren Enders, Alexandra von Schwerin, Susanne Kermer, Gerhard Fehn, Nina Vorbrodt, Yunus Cumartpay, Eva Wagner, Antje Mairich, Eleni Haritos, u.v.m

Casting: Dayanir Hellwig Casting

Crew: Beate Balser, André Koebner, Charlie Gurath, Cara Wiemann, Thorsten Rose (Dolmetscher), Annette Kamont, Anne Heinen, Tobias Lehmann (Deaf Supervisor), Helene Sudermann (Kommunikationsassistenz), u.v.m.

Cologne, March 07th, 2022

? Ben Knabe, Silviu Guiman