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The nanny: Mission Mauritius

Henni Höffner has finally had enough. She now has 60 years behind her, but life is still a struggle – especially for economic survival. But an encounter with the highly sympathetic career counsellor Mr Loibinger gives Henni an idea: she has neither education nor reserves, but plenty of ideas, energy and life experience. In addition, she is just as patented as she is unconventional and stubborn – and it would be a joke if all these qualities taken together were not somehow usable.

Her little grandson helps Henni set up the website Nannies Worldwide, and in record time the time has come: Henni Höffner has her first job – as an internationally operating exclusive nanny.

Her first trip takes her to the dream island of Mauritius, where she is to lend a hand to the hotel director Dieter Waldner, who is relatively recently widowed but hopelessly overstretched in human matters. His two daughters Stella and Marie quickly take Henni to their hearts, but Waldner himself proves to be a much tougher nut to crack. And on top of that, he is in danger of running straight into his misfortune – namely in the shape of the smart Munich “businesswoman” Veronika Fuchs, who pretends to be his great love, but in reality only wants his hotel. For which she has a perfidiously elaborate and seemingly watertight plan – in which, however, she has not calculated on the Henni Höffner factor…

Drama | 90 Min. | ARD Degeto | 2017
Written by Martin Rauhaus 
Director Peter Gersina
Camera Jochen Stäblein
Producer Vanessa Lackschéwitz, Michael Smeaton

Cast Saskia Vester, Jürgen Tonkel, Stephan Grossmann, Susanna Simon, Anton Petzold, Pia Soppa et al.