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Lilly Heartfield is young, talented, and full of ideas. She graduated from fashion school in London, has been abroad to work and has recently opened her own fashion studio in Cornwall. Here she tries to make clothes exclusively from sustainably produced fabrics or second hand material. Lilly is an active environmentalist, a member of several organisations and is also concerned about the apple farm which, after the death of her mother, her father now runs with her aunt Paige. The farm is in danger of becoming a subsidised business and urgently needs to be restructured. In addition, Paige and Thomas hide their relationship from Lilly so as not to hurt her. Lilly is unaware of this. She is far too busy and doesn’t notice how she keeps getting bogged down instead of concentrating on her talent and her purpose. While shopping for new materials, Lilly meets her childhood sweetheart Oliver. In the past, the latter hardly paid any attention to her, but now that Lilly has grown into a young, attractive lady, Oliver is immediately on fire. He runs the renowned fabric shop “Wilson&Sons” together with his slightly older brother Aidan. The two brothers could not be more different. Oliver is charming, open-minded and doesn’t take life too seriously. But he has talent as a buyer and salesman. People like him. Aidan, on the other hand, is rather reserved, conservative and very focused on the company they share.

Actually, it’s clear that Lilly and Oliver belong together. Lilly is in seventh heaven anyway, because a fashion manager from London wants to sell her new collection. But at the moment it only consists of a few demonstration models. Lilly and her assistant Luke have little time before the delivery date to make the ordered models. Time is short. But then it turns out that Oliver has made a terrible mistake. The fabrics he sold Lilly turn out to be of poor quality. Lilly’s dream of making her own label known in London is shattered. When Luke also quits, the situation is hopeless. But help comes from an unexpected direction. It is Aidan who helps Lilly with a crazy idea and thus saves both her shop and the apple orchard. Lilly has to realise that she has completely misjudged the older brother. Aidan is by no means as conservative and boring as he seems at first glance. When Oliver finds out by chance that Aidan has also fallen in love with Lilly, a momentous argument ensues between the two brothers. Lilly, caught between two stools, must ultimately choose one of the two.

Drama | 90 Min. | ZDF | 2020
Written by Susanne Hertel, Uschi Müller, Martin Wilke
Director Karola Meeder
Camera Vladimir Subotic
Executive Producer Michael Smeaton, Vanessa Lackschéwitz
Producer Ello Bolz
Cast Sarah Hannemann, Jan Hartmann, Joshua Grothe, Caroline Scholze, Jörg Bundschuh, David Nolden, Georgina Snow, Meryn Turner et al.