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Curator Mia Barlow has practically grown up in a museum since director Trevor Murphy and conservator Hannah took her in as a foster child. So it’s only natural that Mia wants to follow in Trevor’s footsteps when he has to look after Hannah, who is seriously ill. But Mia has to deal with adversity: the museum is to be closed because it is no longer profitable. In addition, the adventurer and treasure hunter Jason Carter challenges her for the management when he also applies for it. As Mia thinks he is an art thief, she demands a recruitment test. In a Victorian house without any modern comforts, both are to document the collection of a missionary from the period and develop an exhibition concept from it. But the more they immerse themselves in the world of that time, the closer they become. After all, the missionary had a secret marriage with a black South African woman.

But she is not the only thing he brought back from his travels. At the latest when Mia and Jason learn that he has hidden a fortune, Mia’s spirit of discovery also awakens. Together they try to find the “treasure”. But when they finally reach the hiding place, someone beats them to it. Is it the caretaker they never get to see? Or the ghost of the white woman who is said to haunt the old walls? But Mia thinks a simple explanation is much more plausible: Jason is the thief. Disappointed and hurt, they both return home: Jason to his girlfriend Trish and Mia to her boyfriend Carl. But then a completely different truth awaits Mia, one that turns her preordained life completely upside down …

Drama | 90 Min. | ZDF | 2021
Written by Uschi Müller
Director Marc Prill
Camera Holger Greiß
Executive Producer Vanessa Lackschéwitz, Michael Smeaton
Producer Ello Bolz
Cast Leni Adams, Hans Gurbig, Thomas Heinze, Cheryl Shepard, Jan-Martin Müller, Lucinda Davidson, Victor Gardener et al.