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Mummy’s boy

Armin has virtually abandoned any hope of finding happiness in the perpetual struggle of life – until he meets the woman of his dreams at last. Everything with Tina could be simply perfect… if it weren’t for her son Hendrik, a 25-year-old failed artist with a looming presence who still lives at home and won’t tolerate another man anywhere near his beloved mummy. Soon Hendrik declares war on Armin, who has no choice but to engage in a bitter though surreptitious struggle with Tina’s unpleasant offspring, if he wants to keep the woman he loves.

Comedy | 90 min. | ARD Degeto | 2018
Written by Claudius Pläging
Director Franziska Meyer Price
Camera Felix Cramer
Executive Producers Simone Höller, Michael Smeaton
Producer Greta Gilles
Cast Francis Fulton-Smith, Carin C. Tietze, Florentin Will, Peggy Lukac, Simon Licht, Philippe Brenninkmeyer, Laura Lo Zito, Luca Zamperoni u. a.

Awards, Competitions & Festivals

Festival des deutschen Films

In competition at the ‘Festival of German Film’ in Ludiwgshafen 2018

Biberacher Filmfestspiele

In competition at the ‘Biberach Film Festival’ 2018