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Love under the sign of the dragon

Just before his wedding to his fiancée Anna (Denise Zich), of all things, the young manager Alexander (Erol Sander) is sent on a business trip to Singapore by his boss and father-in-law-to-be, Artur Wellenbach. When the bride-to-be learns that the wedding ceremony is to be postponed, she flips out and breaks up with Alexander. The latter tries to swallow his grief and travels to Singapore to land the job for Wellenbach.

His grief quickly turns to joy, however, because when he arrives in Singapore he meets his new assistant, the pretty Lilin (Li Lin Wong) – and falls in love with the young single mother on the spot.

But the tender love is soon put to a severe test, because Lilin is not who she claims to be. She has been hired by Arthur’s son, who wants to hijack his father’s company, to sabotage the project….

A passionate love story full of intrigue and romance set against the paradisiacal backdrop of Singapore.

Drama | 90 min. | ARD | Oak3 Films | 2008
Written by Thomas Hernadi
Director Helmut Metzger
Camera Helge Peyker
Cast Erol Sander, Li Lin Wong, Denise Zich, Steffen Wink, Fang Rong, Chen Pei-pei, Zhu Hou Ren, Roland Schäfer, Georg Prokop, Ezann Lee