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World Premiere of “Ramstein – The Pierced Heart” at the Munich Film Festival

by | 27. Jun 2022

Last Friday our film RAMSTEIN – THE PIERCED HEART had its world premiere at the Filmfest in Munich! We thank all participants who were there for this beautiful day and harmonious evening and are already looking forward to the broadcast (probably in the fall in ” Das Erste” and the media libary of ARD).

Click here for the full synopsis of RAMSTEIN – THE PIERCED HEART.

Production by FFP New Media GmbH

Editors: Claudia Gerlach-Benz, Dr. Manfred Hattendorf, Monika Denisch

Executive Producers: Simone Höller, Michael Smeaton

Co-Producer: Jean Jaques Neira

Producer: Greta Gilles

Producerin: Anemone Krüzner

Director: Kai Wessel

Written by: Holger Karsten Schmidt

Camera: Holly Fink

Cast: Max Hubacher, Trystan Pütter, Elisa Schlott, Jan Krauter, Alina Stiegler, Ron Helbig, Oliver Reinhard, Therese Hämer u.v.m

Casting: Karimah El-Giamal, Dayanir & Hellwig Casting

Crew: Juliane Thevissen, Beate Balser, Michaela Krauss, Cara Wiemann, Marc Dalmans, Charlie Gurath, Rossella Marino, Heike Kerschgens, Abdel Ben Tej, Margaux Janssens, Lukas Smeaton, Sascha Koszinowski, Ramón Seeliger, Wolfgang Wirtz, Bruno Verstraete, Guillaume Renoir, Sophie Dubuisson, Severine Closset, Esther Amuser, Gerda Van Hoof, u.v.m.

Cologne, June 27th 2022