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The nanny: Mission South Africa

Henni finally wants to apologise to her daughter. But as Henni tremblingly wants to press her daughter’s bell button, “Nanny Worldwide” gets a call from South Africa. And so Henni shirks the apology, swallows a sedative against her fear of flying and faces her adventure. But at the airport in Johannesburg only grumpy Konrad awaits her, who wants to fly Henni to his farm in a rickety jungle plane. Henni refuses to fly and so the first fight is guaranteed…

In the time that follows, Henni is absolutely “fish out of water”. Her foster children Anton and Linus are in conflict, Henni’s employer Konrad is an absolute grump and the farm is surrounded by the wildest animals.

When Henni finally sees “land” and even cheekily throws Konrad an uninvited birthday party, the situation changes. Because Konrad is only willing to join his grandchildren at the birthday table if Henni also faces her fear: A flight in his old plane. But with the budding feelings for Konrad and his family, things really get complicated for Henni…

Comedy | 90 Min. | ARD Degeto | 2018
Written by Robert Krause 
Director Udo Witte
Camera Ngo The Chau
Producer Vanessa Lackschéwitz, Michael Smeaton
Cast Saskia Vester, Filip Peeters, Jürgen Tonkel, Anton Petzold, Jenna Dover, Neels Clasen, Finn Kenny, Liam Bosman et al.