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The nanny: Mission Italy

Henni moves to Italy to the farm of a German emigrant family. Mother Rosa, father Benno and their teenagers Julian and Lisa make their living by cultivating olives and by inheriting Benno’s father’s song fees. The family seems happy overall. Henni is sceptical: what do they need her for here anyway? And why did Rosa hire the attractive Vittoria to help her husband with the olive grove when money is tight? Finally, she confides in the new nanny that she is pregnant. Henni thinks this is great, but Rosa has her doubts. She is no longer the youngest and Benno did not want another child. She asks Henni to keep quiet for a few more days, so the two women share a secret.

But Rosa’s behaviour gets stranger and stranger, and soon Henni finds out that Rosa is lying to her and hiding something much more serious from her family: she has a brain tumour. The lies and secrets and Rosa’s increasingly noticeable lapses lead to arguments in the family. Benno gets increasingly close to Vittoria, and Luisa and Julian are constantly fighting. Finally, Henni has to take things into her own hands and tell Benno and the children the truth in order to prevent the family from falling apart.

Comedy | 90 Min. | ARD Degeto | 2020
Written by Simon X. Rost
Director Sascha Bigler
Camera Ralf K. Dobrick
Producer Vanessa Lackschéwitz, Michael Smeaton
Cast Saskia Vester, Clelia Sarto, Janek Rieke, Liza Tzschirner, Laila-Marie Padotzke, Marlon Heidel et al.