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Tatort Erfurt: Cold Angel

After a thrilling chase the Erfurt detective duo Detective Superintendent Henry Funck and Chief Inspector Maik Schaffert manage to arrest Roman Darschner, who is believed to have killed a number of young women here recently. The latest victim would appear to be attractive student Anna Siebert, 24, who has been found beaten to death beside the River Gera. Together with the inexperienced intern Johanna Grewel, who has been foisted on them by their boss, Police Chief Petra “Fritze” Fritzenberger, the two investigators set off to the scene of the crime. First indications suggest that Anna was tortured before being killed, like the other women. But why didn‘t Darschner undress his victim completely this time? Was he disturbed before he could do so? Darschner himself denies being involved in any of the murders.

When the detectives search Anna‘s little student room they begin to get a puzzling impression of the dead woman: not only did she possess a number of expensive clothes, but she was also about to move to a big new apartment. What’s more, two of the other students who knew her – Lisa and Valerie – describe Anna as somebody who was quite prepared to use other people for her own purposes. Where did a student get so much money? Did she have a wealthy friend, a sugar daddy? Was Anna really the latest victim of Roman Darschner? These are just some of the questions which lead the young inspectors and their intern deeper and deeper into modern-day student society during the course of the investigation. They come across a gripping jigsaw puzzle composed of rejected love, drugs and violence, before finally being confronted by the question of whether another fragile life can be saved before it’s too late…

Detective Series | 90 min. | ARD/ MDR | 2013
Written by Thomas Bohn
Director Thomas Bohn
Camera Martin Schlecht
Filmed in Erfurt et al
 Friedrich Mücke, Benjamin Kramme, Alina Levshin, Kirsten Block, Godehard Giese, Henriette Confurius, Karoline Schuch, Florian Bartholomäi