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Rosamunde Pilcher: MAGPIE AND CAPTAIN

Lisa Edison is a budding auctioneer with a strong sense of justice. She quickly wins people over and wants to give back some of the luck she has had in her life to less sheltered kids through social engagement. She lives in the home of her adoptive parents Richard and Emma, with whom she has a close and intimate relationship. Deep within Lisa, however, bubbles a fear of rejection and a forbidden passion she thought she had overcome.

As a teenager, Lisa had to learn that she was given away by her biological mother after birth. When she tried to contact her mother, she refused and did not respond to Lisa’s letters. Lisa fell into an existential crisis, compensated for her fear of loss by shoplifting and became a kleptomaniac. Today, as a young woman, Lisa is firmly convinced that she has herself and her life under control. A mistaken belief, as it turns out.

Because of all things, when Lisa falls in love, she is once again confronted with the most painful loss of her life. Her dream man Dave Solvit is about to take over his first command of a container ship as a sea captain. As a nautical officer, he would be on the world’s oceans for half the year. Despite all the romance, Lisa fears getting involved with a man who will disappear from her life for a long time in a few days. When Lisa’s biological mother Donna Bent also turns up, wanting to meet her child after 25 years, the emotional chaos is perfect for Lisa. After a tentative approach, however, it turns out that Donna is not here for her daughter alone. Rather, she is on the verge of bankruptcy and hopes for help from Lisa.

Bitterly disappointed, Lisa loses her footing both privately and professionally. She falls back into old patterns she thought she had overcome long ago and thus almost destroys her happiness.

Drama | 90 Min. | ZDF | 2021
Written by Karsten Rüter, Andreas Bradler
Director Käthe Niemeyer
Camera Clemens Messow
Executive Producer Vanessa Lackschéwitz, Michael Smeaton
Producer Ello Bolz
Cast Jasmina Al Zihairi, Daniel Fritz, Tina Engel, William Noordewier, Dagny Dewath, Christoph Grunert, Saskia Fischer, Charles Armstrong, Maurice Byrne et al.