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Rosamunde Pilcher: If I find you

Boat builder Helen Brody and insurance agent Liam Shaw couldn’t be more different. At least at first glance: she in paint-smeared overalls and a jeep, he in an expensive designer suit and a sports car. Yet fate brings them together. When Helen’s husband Jonah gets lost in a storm at sea, Liam is supposed to pay out her life insurance a year later. But for that to happen, Jonah would first have to be officially declared dead. Doubts are growing, however, that he is really dead. On the one hand, because Helen still feels a strong connection to Jonah. On the other hand, because her mother Debra believes she sees Jonah one morning. Is it one of the many alleged sightings that have all turned out to be a mistake? Especially as Debra is suffering from an early form of dementia? Or is Jonah just leading them all on? And if so, for what reason? To find out the truth, Helen and Liam have to join forces and travel after him. But in the process they don’t just get closer to the truth. They discover more and more things in common under the outer shell and fall in love with each other. But just at the moment when Helen could finally let go of Jonah, he reappears. Helen is faced with a dilemma that takes her to her emotional limits – and for which the appropriate happy ending is only found at the very end.

Drama | 90 Min. | ZDF | 2022
Written by Uschi Müller 
Director Marc Prill
Camera Holger Greiß
Executive Producer Annette Pisacane, Michael Smeaton
Producer Ello Bolz
Cast Hedi Honert, Frederik Funke, Kirsten Block, Heio von Stetten, Tommy Schlesser, Gabriel von Berlepsch et al.