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Rosamunde Pilcher: Breakfast at Tessa’s

Tessa Grant, feisty operator of a bed & breakfast in Cornwall, and David Johnson, handsome upper-class charmer and son by profession, live in different worlds without overlap. For David, who wanted to be a pianist as a child, the last years consisted of short affairs, long journeys and fast cars. But this comes to an abrupt end when his exalted mother Carol falls for a swindler who deprives them both of their entire fortune. Suddenly broke, all they have left is the bed & breakfast in Cornwall that David inherited from his late father. Tenant Tessa is not at all pleased when the now impoverished millionaires unexpectedly take up residence with her. And they do so with the intention of turning their property into money as quickly as possible. Unleased, the pension would bring in more, but Tessa wouldn’t dream of giving up the long-running contract. Besides her encroaching landlords, Tessa has other worries. Her best friend Bruce asks her to be his maid of honour. Both have been close for ages, but have always missed the time that they could become something more. The fact that Bruce now wants to marry Megan stings Tessa’s heart, which she tries unsuccessfully to ignore. Her permanent guest Frank gives Tessa an idea and she proposes a deal to David…

Drama | 90 Min. | ZDF | 2023
Written by Martin Wilke, Jochen S. Franken
Director Karola Meeder
Camera Stefan Ditner
Executive Producers Annette Pisacane, Judith Smeaton, Michael Smeaton
Producer Ello Bolz
Cast Marie von Reibnitz, Lucas Reiber, Esther Schweins, Ilja Baumeier, Vita Tepel, Ben Braun et al.