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My heart in Malaysia

Juliane Wenzel runs an antique store specializing in Asian art in Düsseldorf. Since the accidental death of her husband Jürgen (Oliver Stritzel), who went missing with his boat off the Malay coast, business has been slow. Juliane and her son Oliver, an art history student, not only have to overcome Jürgen’s death, they are struggling to survive financially. Customers are dropping out, life insurance is refusing to pay, and taxes are breathing down their necks. Juliane is already toying with the idea of selling her house in Malaysia. Then she receives the news from the Malaysian police that her house in Melakka has been broken into. Juliane flies to Malaysia.

On the very first night, Juliane catches her husband’s former employee Dalina (Carmen Soo) trying to take an external computer hard drive from the Wenzels’ house. When Juliane confronts her, the distraught Malay admits that she stole some art supplies from the store to build a new existence for herself and her young daughter Tanita (Kamilla). Now she wanted to delete the computer data that would have betrayed her. To make amends, Dalina offers Juliane her help, as she has information about business records stolen during the burglary. The two women begin their research and come across a hot lead….

Juliane is also assisted by art dealer Mohan Belani (Steve Yap), whom she met by chance at the airport. Little by little, the two get closer to each other. But the charming malay doesn’t seem to be who he says he is. And soon Juliane begins to understand that she has stirred up a hornet’s nest with her research …

Drama | 90 min. | ARD | Double Vision | 2010
Written by Thomas Hernadi
Director Helmut Metzger
Camera Helge Peyker
Cast Ursula Karven, Oliver Stritzel, Max Felder, Carmen Soo, Steve Yap u.a.