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Love in lion city

Anniela Hansen (Lara Joy Körner) is sitting on packed suitcases: Soon the elementary school teacher will emigrate to Singapore with Robert (Max Urlacher), her husband-to-be, to start a new life there. After the marriage, Robert is to continue running Anniela’s late father’s company – her mother Dorothea’s (Diana Körner) dream. Anniela, who grew up in Singapore, wants to teach German in a language school. But then everything turns out quite differently. After Anniela catches Robert in the arms of his ex-girlfriend Julie (Marie Rönnebeck), all her plans fall apart, but she flies to Singapore with her mother anyway. Dorothea also has problems, because the trading company she has been running alone since her husband’s death is in financial trouble, and Robert is supposed to get it out of the red. While Anniela quickly settles in and meets the likeable Chinese businessman Dai Sijie Wong (Jason Chan) in her German course, Dorothea tirelessly tries to bring Anniela and Robert back together. But Anniela feels more and more attracted to Dai Sijie and also gets involved with her friend Ming Li (Li Lin Wong) for a cultural house that is to be demolished. What she doesn’t know is that Dai Sijie’s father Zu Wong (Zhou Houren) is an influential construction lion who wants to build a casino on the site of the culture house. Dai Sijie, of all people, helped design the plans …

Drama | 90 min. | ARD | 6-6-8 Ltd. | 2009
Written by Thomas Hernadi
Director Heidi Kranz
Camera Nino Martinetti
Cast Lara Joy Körner, Diana Körner, Jason Chan, Max Urlacher, Li Lin Wong, Marie Rönnebeck, Zhang Wei, Doreen Zhu, Henry Heng, Laurence Pang, Vincent Tee, Andrew Hillyard, Russell Tan Tze Yao