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Jets – Life at the limit

Frank Jäger, Robin Amberg, Philip Klein and Ben Bremer are trained as jet pilots for the German Air Force at a U.S. air base in Texas. Back in Germany, the four elite soldiers have to face not only flying but also various interpersonal problems. And they even have to deal with serious criminals during their missions. Martin Umbach is the superior of the four heroes and Michaela von Stetten the young chief medical officer, who takes care of the health of the airmen …

Action | Pilot and 11 episodes each 90 min. | ProSieben | 1997
Written by Eckehard Ziedrich, Michael Kennedy, Remy Eyssen, Johannes Dräxler, Burt Weinshanker
Director Michael Kennedy, Klaus Witting, Stefan Klisch, Dietmar Klein
Camera Klaus Merkel, Piotr Lenar
Cast Andreas Elsholz, Jim Boeven, Frank Jordan, Martin Umbach, Ursula Buschhorn, Tim Wilde, Katharina Abt, Anna Schudt