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Hen in a boat

Johanna’s parents want to go on a trip with her aunt. For this time Johanna is to stay with her grandfather and her cousin Robert. The two children are strangers to each other at first; Robert behaves dismissively, Johanna is shy and feels lonely. But then the girl becomes a confidant of Robert’s secret plan: he wants to sail down the Weser in a boat to explore a new access to the sea. One night, the children set off in a foursome. Harald, a neighbor boy and his little brother also come along; equipped with provisions, a map and accompanied by a chicken. When the unsuspecting grandfather discovers the disappearance of the children the next morning, he takes up the chase. In the process, he becomes increasingly entangled in a difficult double role – he covers up the disappearance of the children to the worried mothers on the phone and invents a story about a joint camping trip. An adventurous journey begins for both sides. Although the grandfather is often close to it, he does not manage to catch up with the children …

Drama | 105 min. | 1983
Written by Arend Agthe
Director Arend Agthe
Camera Jürgen Jürges
Cast Julia Martinek, David Hoppe, Fedor Hoppe, Uwe Müller, Hans Beerhenke