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A small village in Wales during the Second World War. Twelve-year-old Elenya is shunned by the other villagers because of her Italian ancestry; she feels isolated and unloved. One day, while out for a walk, she finds a German airman who has landed with his parachute on the outskirts of the village. Secretly, she takes care of the seriously injured man and, despite the language barrier, a close relationship develops between the two: Elenya is fascinated by Franz’ and his vulnerability, while the soldier is fully dependent on the young girl’s care. Soon the villagers discover that an enemy is in their village and take matters into their own hands …

Drama | 81 min. | BSI British Film Institute, S4C, ZDF | 1992
Written by Steve Gough
Director Steve Gough
Camera Patrick Duval
Cast Pascale Delafouge-Jones, Sue Jones-Davies, Klaus J. Behrendt, Seiriol Tomos, Margaret John, Iago Wynn Jones, Eiry Palfrey