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Carriers – Virus X: The fatal cases

An unknown virus imported from Africa triggers a deadly epidemic in the USA. Major Carmen Travis of the “Usamriid”, the army’s epidemic institute, travels to the rainforest of Gabon to identify the pathogen. However, she encounters only extinct villages until she meets exhausted American Holly Parker along the way. Holly tries to make her way on her own to the jungle fort where her husband Jonathan and daughters Lucy and Alex have gone missing. At the fort, she finds the twins to be the only survivors.

Back in the USA, Carmen Travis has a vaccine serum developed from the blood of Lucy, who has apparently been immunized, in order to save her sister Alex, who has fallen ill, and to stop the rampant epidemic. A race against time begins, during which Travis comes across disturbing facts. A secret document is leaked to her that points to an abandoned Army test site. Travis’ partner Captain David Arends discovers a diskette there that points to an illegal experiment of the US Army with the genetic engineering company Gensystems …

Thriller | 90 min. | Rosemont Productions | ARD | 1997
Written by Joyce Heft Brotman
Director Alan Metzger
Camera Geoffrey Erb
Cast Judith Light, Pamela Reed, Philip Bosco, Barry Bell, Bill Nunn, Collin Wilcox Paxton, Nicholas Pryor, Tucker Smith, Elke Larson, Kylie Larson, Bill Robertson, Joe Insco