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Because you’re mine

Julia and Tom’s marriage has broken down and they share joint custody of their 8-year-old daughter Anni. Six months after the divorce, Julia is initially annoyed by the unreliability of the child’s father, who does not keep agreements.

When he causes a car accident in which Anni is injured, the annoyance turns into serious concern as incidents with Tom pile up. He even forgets a long-planned joint vacation with Anni, from which she suffers greatly. Finally, Julia applies for sole custody.

Through Tom’s perspective, the custody dispute appears in a completely different light. Bit by bit Tom realizes that he is the victim of a devious plan: Julia systematically prevents his attempts to be a reliable father and deliberately manipulates her daughter until she finally rejects him vehemently herself.

Drama | 90 min. | SWR | 2018
Written by Katrin Bühlig
Director Alexander Dierbach
Camera Ian Blumers
Executive Producers Simone Höller, Michael Smeaton
Producer Anemone Krüzner
Cast Julia Koschitz, Felix Klare, Lisa Marie Trense, Merle Collet, Teresa Harder, Lutz Blochberger, Monika Lennartz, Jochen Hägele u. a.

Awards, Competitions & Festivals


Winner of the 3 Sat Audience Award at the 32nd Baden-Baden Television Film Festival 2020.

Blauer Panther Bayrischer Fernsehpreis

Two Blue Panthers for best screenplay by Katrin Bühlig and for lead actor Felix Klare at the Bavarian Television Award 2020

Deutsche Akademie für Fernsehen

Nomination at the German Academy for Television in the category Editing/ Producing 2020

Günther Rohrbach Preis

In the final selection of the 10th Günther Rohrbach Award 2020

Seoul International Drama Awards

Nominated for best drama at the Seoul International Drama Awards 2020

Filmfest München

In competition at the ,Filmfest München’ in Munich 2019

Festival des deutschen Films

In competition at the ‘Festival des deutschen Films’ in Ludiwgshafen 2019

Festival de la Fiction

In competition at the ‘Festival de la Fiction’ in La Rochelle 2019