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Comeback of Billy Kuckuck film “For once the way I want it” (WT)

by | 13. May 2024

f.l.t.r.: Aglaia Szyszkowitz, Amadea Schwolow, Thomas Freundner, Claude-Albert Heinrich and Gregor Bloéb

Aglaia Szyszkowitz is back in action as Billy Kuckuck! On April 4th, we started shooting another part of our TV series “Billy Kuckuck”. In it, Billy is confronted with the case of a recently widowed organic farmer who is on the brink of financial ruin. The film is directed by Thomas Freundner, the screenplay was written by Freundner and Simon X Rost. The cast also includes Gregor Bloéb as Billy’s ex-husband, Ursela Monn as her mother, Vivien Sczesny as her daughter, Ben Braun as Billy’s new boyfriend, Eva Verena Müller as Billy’s best friend, Rüdiger Klink as the (ex-) neighbor and Katrin Wolter as the new woman in Gunnar’s life. Claude-Albert Heinrich, Amadea Schwolow, Franziska Wulf, Werner Wölbern and Naomi Diémé are also part of the cast.

A big thanks goes to the entire crew & cast for their amazing performance! We already hope you will enjoy watching!

Production by FFP New Media

Editors: Monika Denisch (SWR), Stefan Kruppa (Degeto)

Executive Producers: Judith Smeaton, Michael Smeaton

Producer: Joachim Weiler

Director: Thomas Freundner

Written by: Thomas Freundner, Simon X Rost

Camera: Ralf M. Mendle

Cast: Aglaia Szyszkowitz, Gregor Bloéb, Ursela Monn, Vivien Sczesny, Ben Braun, Rüdiger Klink, Eva Verena Müller, Katrin Wolter, Werner Wölbern, Claude-Albert Heinrich, Amadea Schwolow, Franziska Wulf, Naomi Diémé, Oona von Maydell, Linus Moog, Martin Geisen, Rolf Berg, Christian Hockenbrink, Lena Vogt, Denis „Marshall“ Ölmez and many more

Casting: Marc Schötteldreier Casting

Cologne, May 13th, 2024

? Kai Schulz