About us


Films are ‘motion pictures’ – a fluid medium that tells of the movements of real life. Our company, which has been producing television and cinema films, series and serials for over 40 years, is in the middle of this ‘flow’ and thrives on constant renewals and vistas into unknown exciting ‘landscapes’. Thus, in addition to constant collaboration with well-known and established artists – meaning explicitly all film related professions – our focus is on the promotion of young creatives and up-and-coming talent, for whom we are developing a new in-house platform.

But films are also ‘emotion pictures’ – many insights reach people in an emotional way. The audience, whether in front of the TV or in the cinema, with its longings, fears, dreams and desires, is at the center of our script development – our thrillers, crime films, melodramas and comedies tell these stories. High and low culture are not mutually exclusive, they even complement each other.

Ultimately, a company in its own culture never forgets to whom it owes its success – it lives from the strength and work of its employees.

We take our work seriously

We tell stories about and for people

We are happy about good reviews and rating

We know about failures

We love success



Michael Smeaton

Executive Producer / CEO

Judith Smeaton

Executive Producer

Stephan Carrington

Operation Manager

Joachim Weiler


Dr. Liane Jessen

Freelance Dramaturge

Julia Loosen

Junior Producer

Veronica Inglese

Team Assistant

Carmen Wolf

Team Assistant

Karl Huber

Senior Financial Accountant

Blerina Gashi


Cenk Aslankaya

Trainee Office Management Assistant


FFP New Media is continually evolving and is always looking for new talents.