Television Film

The Nanny: Mission Mauritius

  • Das Kindermaedchen Mission Mauritius
  • Das Kindermaedchen Mission Mauritius 2
  • Das Kindermaedchen Mission Mauritius 3

Comedy | 90 min. | ARD Degeto | 2017

Written by: Martin Rauhaus 

Director: Peter Gersina

Camera: Jochen Stäblein

Filmed in: Mauritius, München

Cast: Saskia Vester, Jürgen Tonkel, Stephan Grossmann, Susanna Simon, Anton Petzold, Pia Soppa et al.

Henni Höffner has had just about enough. Even though she has now reached the age of 60, life is still a battle – especially when it comes to surviving financially. But then a very friendly career adviser, Herr Loibinger, gives Henni a wonderful idea. It may be true that she doesn't have educational qualifications or savings, but she does have ideas, energy and vast experience in the university of life. On top of which, she's ingenious, unconventional and strong-willed… so surely there must be a way for Henni to make the most of these qualities?


Her little grandson helps her construct a website: Premium Nanny Worldwide. And it isn't long before Henni Höffner has her first assignment as an "exclusive child-care specialist in international contexts".


Henni boards a plane for the beautiful island of Mauritius, where she is to provide assistance to hotel manager Dieter Waldner, who has recently been widowed. Dieter may be excellent at his job, but he's completely at a loss when it comes to his two daughters, Stella and Marie. The girls quickly become fond of Henni, but Dieter is a harder nut to crack. At the same time, he really does need help – because he is heading straight for disaster, in the shape of the smart Munich "businesswoman" Veronika Fuchs, who pretends to love him but is in fact intent on gaining control of the hotel. Veronika has worked out a cunning plan which appears to be utterly foolproof – but she has failed to take into account the Henni Höffner factor…


First Broadcast: Friday, 20th Oktober 2017, 20:15 hrs, ARD.