Noble Romances

The three-part series Noble Romances was made in the year 2001 for the First German Television Channel. In each case these romantic love stories focus on the central theme of the nobility, and the productions are filmed in the most beautiful castles of Germany. The series encompasses a wide range of issues, from the difficulty of marrying beneath one’s station to problems with repurchasing the family castle, including changes to the system of aristocratic inheritance caused by the appearance of an illegitimate daughter.

Jenseits des Regenbogens

Beyond the Rainbow

Drama | 90 min | ARD | 2001
Written by: Gabriele Kister | Director: Axel de Roche | Camera: Johannes Geyer
Filmed in: Franken, Bamberg, Coburg

Sehnsucht nach Sandin

Longing for Sandin

Drama | 90 min | ARD | 2001
Written by: Astrid Meyer-Gossler | Director: Karin Hercher | Camera: Michael Faust
Filmed in: Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Die Kristallprinzessin

The Crystal Princess

Drama | 90 min | ARD | 2001
Written by: Christiane Sadlo | Director: Rolf von Sydow | Camera: Michael Faust
Filmed in: Castle Tüßling (Bavaria), Munich and surroundings