Television Film

Murder in White - Death Lurks in the Operating Room

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Thriller | 90 min | SAT1 | 2001
Written by: Timo Berndt, Uli Möller | Director: Uli Möller | Camera: Stefan Ditner
Filmed in: Cologne, Bonn
Cast: Theresa Hübchen, Axel Milberg, Ernst Jacobi, Claudia Geisler, Martin Glade, Carola Regnier, Jan Schütte,
Matthias Redlhammer, Astrid Posner, Corinna Nilson, Hans-Peter Deppe

An incident that takes place while she is on night duty in a hospital leads to medical student Hanna being expelled from the university. She returns to her home town in the hope of finishing her studies at the university here, and in the meantime she takes a job in the pathology clinic of the local hospital. On her first day in the path lab she is confronted with the body of an old friend, Michael Körber, who apparently died after an accident. But when she finds some discrepancies in the patient's file and discovers a fresh operation scar on the body - it looks as though a kidney had been removed - Hanna starts to ask awkward questions. In the course of her research she attends a lecture by the renowned Professor Winkler, a respected expert in the field of transplantation medicine.

The discussion turns to Winkler's theory that it should be possible to reproduce organs, which would reduce the danger of transplanted organs being rejected. However, such cloned organs could not exist without a body to house them. Hannah becomes friends with a member of Winkler's team, Kai. And as she leaves the hospital Hannah happens to notice a patient who clearly needs help getting home. Janine is apparently very slick and has just had an operation to remove a kidney. Hannah goes back to the hospital to get some painkillers for her, but when she returns to Janine's apartment, the woman has vanished. In fact, there is now no sign at all that she ever lived here...