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Cashing Up

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Comedy | 86 min | 1984
Written by: Rolf Silber | Director: Rolf Silber | Camera: Marian Czura
Filmed in: Frankfurt am Main
Cast: Christoph M. Ohrt, Britta Pohland

When a young and ambitious bank clerk, Erich Bauermann, falls in love with a young and freaky dancer, Franzi, it isn't long before chaos ensues. And everyone becomes involved in the turbulent world of Erich's love-life at some point: from Erich’s parents, a lively pair of ageing rock ‘n rollers, to his colleague at work Fitti, who has a thing about tracking down millionaires’ daughters, and his friend Marschalek, who enters every possible competition because he's determined to get to the South Pole. When the bank is robbed by a career criminal known as Polite Harry, who inadvertently leaves behind 10,000 Deutschmarks, Erich pockets the money in the fond belief that it could enable him to escape from the bank and join Franzi’s Theatre group. But this turns out to be a mistake, because these days it's not that simple to give away money…