FFP New Media GmbH

Successful Film and TV Productions since 1980

The sovereign television and film production company FFP New Media was founded in 1980 as Frankfurter Filmproduktion and is today based in Cologne and Munich. It was founded by producer Michael Smeaton, the CEO.


For more than 30 years FFP New Media has been producing high-quality television and cinema films as well as series and movie collections, both at home and abroad. This has led to the creation of the highly successful Rosamunde Pilcher and Inspector Beck TV movie collections, and recently The Nanny series, for ARD Degeto.


The portfolio of FFP New Media also includes classic feature films such as Hen in a Boat (directed by Arend Agthe) and historical cinema projects like Young Licht by Adolf Winkelmann.


The new film version of Pinocchio, a two-parter event production, enjoyed particularly striking success at national and international festivals, as did the TV movie The White Rabbit, both for Germany's First Channel.