FFP New Media GmbH

Successful Film and TV Productions since 1980

Frankfurter Filmproduktion, the forerunner of today‘s FFP New Media, was founded in 1980 by Michael Smeaton with its headquarters in Frankfurt; offices were later opened in Munich, Cologne, Los Angeles and Berlin. Today the company is based in Cologne and Munich with a permanent staff of 16.

FFP New Media produces top-quality TV movies, feature films and series both at home and abroad. The company has developed successful formats as the Rosamunde Pilcher, Barbara Wood and Inspector Beck TV films, the series Jets – Life at the Limit, Singles, Table and Bed as well as the productions for children and young people Famous Five and Captain Bluebeard.

FFP New Media was one of the first production companies in Germany to secure film rights to works by bestselling novelists such as Rosamunde Pilcher, Barbara Wood, Joy Fielding and Enid Blyton, thus practising what came to be known as branding long before the term became familiar in Germany.
FFP New Media works with leading US producers such as Saban Entertainment and Rosemont Entertainment, as well as broadcasters including CBS and TNT. By virtue of numerous coproductions with partners in Britain, Ireland, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Mexico, Morocco and Australia the company has created a worldwide network of contacts.


In February 2010, the creative team had been enlarged and the portfolio of the company widened. Actually, various films and movies in the documentary section are in preparation. These formats will be planned for the German as well as for the international market and comprise historical documentary, sociocritical reports as well as long documentary films and life portraits of famous celebrities.

With an annual production volume of 8 x 90 minutes on average, FFP New Media is one of the leading TV and film production companies in Germany. The flagship of the company, the Rosamund Pilcher Collection, attracts audiences of between 6 and 7 million viewers on a regular basis, making it one of the formats with the highest ratings on German television.