The Millionaire

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Comedy | 26 x 45 min | ZDF | 1992
Written by: Klaus Bueb, Barbara Engelke, Recha Jungmann, Angelika Kaps, Guy Meredith, Ernst Pfeiffer,
Peter Probst, Klaus Schmidt | Director: Nikolai Müllerschön, Marco Serafini, Wigbert Wicker
Camera: Manfred Ensinger, Peter Maiwald, Bernd Neubauer, Petrus Schloemt
Cast: Ivan Desny, Manfred Zapatka, Jennifer Nitsch, Hannelore Elsner, Katja Riemann, Hannes Jaenicke, Eva Kryll, Christoph Waltz, Pascal Breuer, Diana Körner

John Alexander Straton is a multimillionaire. His residence is an extensive property known as “Silberstein”, where he indulges in his many and varied hobbies. And this is not just a way of passing the time; everything is connected with philosophical considerations.

However, as well as making life as comfortable for himself as any other wealthy person might, John Alexander Straton has a very special hobby. From time to time he gives away one of his many millions. It should be noted, though, that his actions are not really connected with charity or humanitarian ideals. This "patron" chooses the beneficiaries of his generosity very carefully... Because his aim is to study their behaviour once they have suddenly become rich.

Straton’s private secretary, Michael Anthony, has the job of keeping a detailed account of the reactions displayed by the people who rapidly come into this money. And he is the one who takes them the check for the huge amount. The only condition they must agree to is that they are not allowed to tell anybody (except the wife or husband) where the money came from. Then Michael Anthony sits back and watches what happens next.