Table and Bed

Drama | 90 min. Pilot + 13 x 50 min. | WDR | 1991
Written by: Martina Brand | Director: Markus Bräutigam, Martin Gies, Dagmar Bedbur, Ines-Anna Krämer
Camera: Judith Kaufmann, Thomas Merker
Filmed in: Cologne
Cast: Helmut Zierl, Ute Willing, Bernd Herzsprung, Despina Pajanou, Tim Evers

After 10 years of marriage Hektor and Billie Reimann decide to get divorced, abandoning their joint "table and bed". They resolve to seek happiness living apart - only to discover to their horror that when they move into their new apartments they are once again living under the same roof... and they even have to share a kitchen and bathroom! Hektor, Billie and their son, the quick-witted Friedrich Achilles (the court has awarded Billie custody of him), are initially speechless. How on earth is this going to work out? Absolute chaos and mind-blowing complications are inevitable with this unusual lifestyle.