Secret or What?!

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Children’s Series | 4 x 25 min | ZDF | 1995
Written by: Klaus D. Remus, Peter Bauhaus | Director: Jürgen Brauer, Monika Zinnenberg, Norbert Skrovanek
Camera: Jürgen Brauer, Falko Ahsendorf
Cast: Bettina Wauschke, Hannes Wegener, Arno Wyzniewski, Winfried Glatzeder, Marian Wolf, Axel Wandtke, Silke Matthias, Madeleine Lierck, Nadine Richter, Patrick Kaul, Mirko Buchmann, Mario Salazar, Fabian Oskar Wien, Natascha Hockwin, Tobias Schenke, Philip Dümcke, Caroline Korneli, Felix Philippen, Agata Oniszk, Thea Frank

13-year-old Olli has come to Berlin to visit his father after a long time away. Olli lives with his mother in a little village called Trietzschen. And the others notice this right away. The others are the Krocks – that’s Bernd, Corinna, Tarzan, Alexander, Flo and Peter - and the Watts - Ronny, Irena, Timo, Judith and Matthias.
Which is how Olli ends up in the colourful world of gang life set in mysterious, deserted subway tunnels. This is where he meets Robinson, who was walled up here by mistake when they constructed the Berlin Wall and now prefers his existence down here to life up top. Before long two shady characters appear, snooping around and apparently searching for something. But nobody believes a word Olli says when he tries to explain...