Never Kiss Your Boss

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Comedy | 3 x 45 min | ZDF | 1996
Written by: Martin Brand | Director: Heidi Kranz | Camera: Johannes Geyer
Cast: Esther Schweins, Ralf Bauer, Manon Straché, Oliver Betke, Dirk Martens, David Klock,
Ralf Lindermann, Pietro Bertino

Unemployed graphic designer Christopher Weingarten has a temporary job as a taxi driver. One day he picks up an attractive woman, Jeannine, who happens to work in the advertising agency where he has just applied for a job. Christopher is eager to know what her boss is like, and she is glad to help. She even gives him a complete make-over. He is blind to the fact that she is suffering pangs of guilt, because he has fallen in love. And so has she.

The inevitable happens: Jeannine Pierce herself is of course the boss, and Christopher feels she has made fun of him. But there is a happy end: finally they are colleagues - and a proper couple...