The Nanny: Mission South Afrika

  • Das Kindermädchen - Mission: Südafrika 1
  • Das Kindermädchen - Mission: Südafrika 2
  • Das Kindermädchen - Mission: Südafrika 3

Comedy | 90 min. | ARD Degeto | 2018

Written by: Martin Rauhaus 

Director: Peter Gersina

Camera: Jochen Stäblein

Filmed in: Mauritius, München

Cast: Saskia Vester, Jürgen Tonkel, Stephan Grossmann, Susanna Simon, Anton Petzold, Pia Soppa et al.

Henni has resolved to apologise to her daughter at last. But just as her trembling finger is about to press her daughter's doorbell there is a call to Premium Nanny Worldwide from South Africa. And as a result Henni postpones her apology, swallows a sedative in the hope of suppressing her chronic fear of flying, and sets off for another adventure. However, what awaits her at Johannesburg Airport is a bad-tempered character about her age by the name of Konrad, who proposes to fly Henni to his farm in his boneshaker of a jungle plane. Predictably, Henni refuses point blank, and straightaway they are arguing furiously…


When she does finally get to the farm Henni is a real fish out of water. The kids she is supposed to be looking after, Anton and Linus, are wild and argumentative, her boss Konrad is absolutely impossible, and the farm is surrounded by vicious wild animals.


But before too long Henni finds her feet, of course, and when she is even cheeky enough to arrange a surprise birthday party for Konrad – all her own idea – things begin to change dramatically. Problem is, gruff old Konrad is only prepared to sit down with his grandchildren to celebrate his birthday if Henni also confronts her fears and agrees to a flight in his old plane. What with the feelings she begins to develop for Konrad and his family, life is getting really complicated for Henni…


First Broadcast: Friday, 28th December 2018, 08:15 p.m., ARD.