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Love Under White Sails

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Drama | 90 min | ARD | 2000
Written by: Christiane Sadlo | Director: Robert Pejo | Camera: Randy Franken
Filmed in: Hamburg, Lisbon, France
Cast: Christina Plate, Miguel Herz-Kestranek, Mark Keller, Christian Kahrmann, Immanuel Storm, Yvonne Burbach

For several weeks now Dr. Karen Stendal, a doctor in the German Navy, has had no word from the love of her life, Gregor Simonis: they are conducting a secret affair. He is the captain of the naval training vessel Albatros, a sailing ship which is crossing the Atlantic on route for Lisbon. When the ship's doctor on the Albatros falls sick, Karen seizes the opportunity and has herself transferred to the ship as a replacement. To her surprise, she receives a cool reception from Gregor. And over the coming days and weeks he remains curiously withdrawn; the captain repeatedly points out to her that he is a married man, and that he has to set a good example for the crew.

But Karen senses that these are just excuses for Gregor's behaviour. At the same time the handsome ship's officer Brengel is trying his best to win the heart of the attractive doctor. And when they have two days’ shore leave in Lisbon Brengel, who is accustomed to being a success with the ladies, pesters Karen so much that she thinks up a desperate excuse to put him off; she tells him she has to meet the journalist Thomas Sand, who has come on board the Albatros to write a feature about women in the Navy. Inevitably, this entails the two of them getting to know each other better, and their unplanned encounter soon develops into an intense affair...