Television Film

Love, Death and Railroads

  • liebe tod und eisenbahn 1
  • liebe tod und eisenbahn 2

Comedy | 90 min | ZDF | 1990
Written by: Gert Steinheimer | Director: Gert Steinheimer | Camera: Immo Rentz
Filmed in: Munich
Cast: Christina Scholz,  Heiner Lauterbach, Adolf Laimböck, Jürgen Holtz, Claudia Bethge, Margarete Dobirr,
Karl Friedrich, Rita Gabathuler, Reinhard Karow, Roland Kenda, Ernst Konarek, Armin Schmid, Bernd Stieg,
Elke Twiesselmann, Hildegard Wensch

Surely it isn't really love when a husband thinks of nothing but his model railway layout and almost forgets about his own wife? This is what happens to Karin when her husband Raimund finds a beautiful old apartment, very large and very reasonable - and a landlord who shares his passion for model railroads. What can Karin do about a dilemma like this? She resolves to get her own back on Raimund by becoming even more of an expert on model railways than him. But this helps no more than the desperate attempt she undertakes to make him jealous.

She tries this tactic by telling Raimund she is having an affair with the eccentric academic Krieger, who lives next door - although in fact she doesn't find him attractive at all. She goes so far as to confess to Raimund that she had a one night stand with Krieger. She didn't, of course, but Krieger chooses this moment to admit to Raimund that he has fallen in love with Karin. Which leads to a stand-up fight between Karin and Raimund. But once again his passion for his railways is stronger than the love he feels for his wife.

Karin now decides she has been taking the wrong approach to the problem: it makes more sense simply to get rid of her husband. So she connects the metal chair where Raimund sits when he's changing the points on his railway layout to the mains electricity supply. But at the last moment she can’t bring herself to throw the switch. Instead, her husband does the job for her, curious to discover what the new connection could be for. He dies in his beloved controller’s cabin next to his railway, while Karin is downstairs in the kitchen getting dinner ready.

So now Karin has a body on her hands, and it's a difficult problem to solve. This black comedy shows exactly how she does so - and which difficulties Raimund’s absence causes her.