Lots of Nice Neighbours

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Comedy | 12 x 25 min | ARD | 1989
Written by: Rolf Silber | Director: Rolf Silber | Camera: Rüdiger Laske
Cast: Andreas Mannkopff, Diana Körner, Katharina Schubert, Diether Krebs, Pit Krüger, Camillo D'Ancona, Alina De Simone, Antonio Putignano

The Leonis, who run the Pizzeria Palermo, and Alfred Döbert, owner of the nearby Hesseneck restaurant, hate each other like the plague and constantly attempt to drive the other out of business. Malicious rumours are spread, sabotage missions are planned, and neither side misses any chance to make life difficult for the other. This is the setting for a Romeo and Juliet love story; the youngsters from the families fall in love and try desperately to put an end to the feud that separates the two families.