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Comedy | 90 min | ZDF | 1991
Written by: Gert Steinheimer | Director: Gert Steinheimer | Camera: Ernst Kubitza
Filmed in: Frankfurt
Cast: Karin Schröder, Ulrike Kriener, Michael Mendl, Dietmar Schönherr, Gerhard Piske

"Are you unemployed? Or just feeling bored? Interesting part-time job, only for women! Excellent salary for minimum working time. Contact reference number ZR 5555.”

Rita Fahlbusch, a housewife whose life together with her policeman husband Herbert is one of stunning normality, responds to this advert. They have a dream: to own a yacht of their own one day. In the hope of making this dream come true, she takes the job offered to her by the people who placed the ad. Her husband knows nothing about this - and must never find out. Because Rita's job is to kill people. And she comes to regard it as a job just like any other - just much better paid.

Her friend Susanne, married to successful artist Ralph, now gets into financial difficulties and needs money to pay off the mortgage for their house. She decides that if the worst comes to the worst, she is even prepared to work as a nightclub hostess.

Rita, these days earning a lot as a hired killer, thinks this would be immoral and therefore puts Susanne in touch with the assassination agency as well. Though initially unsure of herself, before long Susanne also becomes a well-paid murderer.

Corpses are scattered left, right and centre, and the two women are doing just fine - until Ralph causes a problem. Susanne's jealous husband orders a private detective to keep an eye on her…