Captain Bluebear’s Sailors’ Yarns

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Animation | 104 x 5 min | WDR | 1990-1996
Written by: Walter Moers, Rolf Silber, Berhard Lassahn | Director: Wolf-Armin Lange | Camera: Wolf-Armin Lange
Filmed in: Frankfurt

At the place where the land and the sea meet, on a rocky cliff miles from anyone, the retired sea dog Captain Bluebear lives in his old ship, now permanently at anchor. He has made himself comfortable here with lots of mementos of his wilder times: a trident he once stole from Neptune himself, a spirit in a bottle which refuses to come out of its bottle (highly unusual), a tin of pirate cream (even more highly unusual) and all the other trophies he has gathered over his years of adventure on the seven seas. Each one of these extraordinary objects helps him when he sits down to spin one of his seamen’s yarns.

Captain Bluebear is fortunate enough to have his three grandchildren living with him on the ship: a girl and two boys. As well as their unusual colouring (one is yellow, another is green and the third is pink) these kids are also distinguished by an almost total lack of respect for authority. This means they don't miss any opportunity to spoil their grandad's stories or get him to contradict himself. However, they are only partially successful: interruptions with awkward questions only serve to stimulate Captain Bluebear's wild imagination, and almost every time he manages to foil his grandchildren. Naturally this requires a complete disregard for the truth as well as a boundless fantasy, but fortunately he is well endowed in both respects.

The fifth member of the gang is Hein Blöd, an ordinary seaman rat who has accompanied Captain Bluebear on many of his adventures (and even more fiascos) and now decided to settle down with him indefinitely. Although he is unswervingly loyal to the captain, Hein Blöd is also as thick as two short planks.