Jets – Life at the Limit

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Action series | Pilot and 11 episodes, each 90 min | ProSieben | 1997
Written by: Eckehard Ziedrich, Michael Kennedy, Remy Eyssen, Johannes Dräxler, Burt Weinshanker
Director: Michael Kennedy, Klaus Witting, Stefan Klisch, Dietmar Klein | Camera: Klaus Merkel, Piotr Lenar
Cast: Andreas Elsholz, Jim Boeven, Frank Jordan, Martin Umbach, Ursula Buschhorn, Tim Wilde, Katharina Abt, Anna Schudt

Four young men - Ben Bremer, Phil Klein, Robin Amberg and Frank Jäger - have pinned their hopes on becoming Air Force jet pilots. After successfully passing the rigorous physical exam, they are sent to Texas for their training. The extreme demands of their training program push them to their limits – and soon take a personal toll: Robin realizes that a pilot’s life is a lot less glamorous than he thought; Phil’s health problems present an obstacle to his career; Frank’s wife files for a divorce; and Ben dies in a tragic accident on his last training flight. But in spite of all these set-backs, Robin, Phil, and Frank do not let up in their quest to realize their dream.

As the series unfolds, the young Tornado pilots return to Germany, from where they are sent on various top-priority missions in Europe and elsewhere for the UN, NATO or the German government. As they pilot their reconnaissance planes from one hot spot to another, they are drawn into situations filled with action and intrigue. It takes all their wits, intelligence and military training to carry out their missions successfully. And it takes strength, will-power and self-confidence to continue meeting the personal challenges of their job day after day.