Television Film

Hit and Run – A Vicious Game of Love, Money and Beer

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Comedy | 96 min | ZDF | 1990
Written by: Peter Zingler | Director: Andy Bausch | Camera: Klaus Peter Weber
Filmed in: Frankfurt
Cast: Mario Adorf, Manfred Zapatka, Maja Maranow, Rainer Hunold, Désirée Nosbusch, Claude-Oliver Rudolph,
Peter Zingler, Peter Böhlke, Geraldine Karier, Alois Rinke

Provincial Germany in the mid-19 60s.
Two men who are prepared to stop at nothing.

One of them is Hartholz, the manager of a brewery. He is absolutely unscrupulous when it comes to driving independent brewers out of business so he can take over their property. His right-hand man is Keller, who performs the dirty work for Hartholz with his gang of henchmen. The two men work very well together, and business is flourishing.

But then one day Keller falls in love with the wife of a brewery owner who has been condemned to meet a nasty end by Hartholz. Keller feels uneasy about going through with the plan, but Hartholz insists, remarking: "It’s just business, after all".

And suddenly the two friends become deadly enemies...