Feature Films


Young Light

Drama | 122 min Cinema Coproduktion FFP New Media and Winkelmann Filmproduktion, WDR and ARTE, publicly sponsored by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, BKM, DFFF, RAG-Stiftung, supported by Evonik Industries AG  | 2015

Written by: Nils Beckmann, Till Beckmann, Adolf Winkelmann 

Director: Adolf Winkelmann | Director of Photography: David Slama

Cast: Charly Hübner, Oscar Brose, Lina Beckmann, Peter Lohmeyer et al. 

No Time to Die

Comedy | 90 min
Afromovies, Filumé Filmproduktion, True Lines Entertainment | 2007

Written by: King Ampaw, Klaus Bädekerl | Director: King Ampaw
Camera: Edwin Horak, Yao Ladzekpo | Filmed in: Ghana

Food of Love

Drama | 105 min | Els Films de la Rambla, 42nd Street Productions | 2001
Written by: Ventura Pons, based on the novel “The Page Turner” by David Leavitt
Director: Ventura Pons | Camera: Mario Montero


Drama | 100 min | Bluelight Productions, Wave Pictures,
Film Development Corporation | 2000

Written by: Geraldine Creed | Director: Geraldine Creed
Camera: Markus Fraunholz
Filmed in: Dublin and surroundings, Ardmore Studios/Bray, Hannover


Drama | 81 min | BSI British Film Institute, S4C, ZDF | 1992
Written by: Steve Gough | Director: Steve Gough | Camera: Patrick Duval
Filmed in: Luxemburg, Wales

Don’t Get Me Started

Comedy | 76 min | BSI British Film Institute | 1992
Written by: Arthur Ellis | Director: Arthur Ellis | Camera: Gilbert Taylor

A Wopbobaloobop a Lopbamboom

Drama | 90 min | 1989
Written by: Andy Bausch, Armand Strainchamps, Michel Treinen
Director: Andy Bausch | Camera: Klaus Peter Weber
Filmed in: Dudelange, Luxemburg


Comedy | 80 min | 1989
Written by: Ecki Ziedrich | Director: Ecki Ziedrich | Camera: Egon Werdin
Filmed in: Frankfurt am Main


Comedy | 94 min | 1989
Written by: Enis Günay, Rasim Konyar | Director: Enis Günay, Rasim Konyar
Camera: Egon Werdin
Filmed in: Berlin

Lock & Key

Drama | 81 min | 1987
Written by: Geraldine Blecker, Heidi Ulmke | Director: Heidi Ulmke
Camera: Jörg Jeshel
Filmed in: Frankfurt and surrounding area

High Speed

Thriller | 96 min | ORCA Production, Avidia Film Paris | 1985
Written by: Monique Dartonne, Michel Kaptur, Olivier Douyere
Director: Monique Dartonne, Michel Kaptur | Camera: Alain Lasfargues

Cashing Up

Comedy | 86 min | 1984
Written by: Rolf Silber | Director: Rolf Silber | Camera: Marian Czura
Filmed in: Frankfurt am Main

Hen in a Boat

Drama | 105 min | 1983
Written by: Arend Agthe | Director: Arend Agthe | Camera: Jürgen Jürges
Filmed in: Berlin