Enid Blyton

Famous Five

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Children’s Film | TV Series | 13 x 25 min | ZDF | 1995
Written by: Julia Jones, Richard Carpenter, Helen Cresswell, Alan Seymour | Director: Tim Leandro, Tim Dowd,
John Gorrie, Michael Kerrigan, Tony Kysh, Andrew Morgan | Camera: Dave Dixon, Mike Thomson
Cast: Jemima Rooper, Marco Williamson, Paul Child, Laura Petela, Christopher Good, Mary Waterhouse, Elsie Kelly, Robert Crombie

The stories of the Famous Five are among the most successful series of books for children and young people in the world. It was in 1942 that Enid Blyton published her first story about these courageous kids, and she wrote 20 more until her death in 1968. In 1978 the stories were filmed for the first time, in contemporary style. However, this series, from 1995, sticks more closely to the originals and is therefore set in the 1950s.