But Honestly...!

Comedy | TV Series | 14 x 47 min | ZDF | 1994
Written by: Felix Huby | Director: Kai Borsche, Christoph Schwere | Camera: Klaus Moderegger
Cast: Christiane Carstens, Manfred Gorr, Herbert Köfer, Eisi Gulp, Daniela Hoffmann

The Bergs are what could be called a patchwork family: the father, Charly, who still sees himself as a real ladies’ man, is a lifeguard. His second wife, Charlotte, is a sales rep for a cosmetics company. 15-year-old Miriam, Charly's daughter from his first marriage, is going through puberty, which adds to the problems she has with her new Mama. In contrast, her half-brother Thommie can wind the whole family around his little finger when he wants to get his way. And on top of everything there’s Grandpa Emil; the Bergs live in his house, and with his pets he drives them all to distraction...