Feature Film

A Wopbobaloobop a Lopbamboom

Drama | 90 min | 1989
Written by: Andy Bausch, Armand Strainchamps, Michel Treinen | Director: Andy Bausch | Camera: Klaus Peter Weber
Filmed in: Dudelange, Luxemburg
Cast: Désirée Nosbusch, Birol Ünel, Thierry Van Werveke, Sabine Berg, Serge Wolf, Konrad Scheel, Nicolas Lansky, Jochen Senf, Georges Petro, Jacued Deggouj

A cold morning on the last day of December in the early 1960s. Change of shift in the smelting works.
This border town wakes up and starts preparing to celebrate the New Year. A young man comes back home, across the border: Rocco Keipes. He has returned in order to say goodbye to the small town misery where he can find no way to live out his dreams.

On this, the last day of the year, it seems that nobody’s dreams are coming true. Rocco’s girlfriend Vero, his brother Hartmut, his sister Anke, who is planning to crack open a safe in a small business along with two petty gangsters, the gangs of youths from Luxembourg and France who are still waging their border war - they are all doomed to failure, while the dance floor echoes to the sound of the twist and the cha-cha-cha…